Castiel is laying on their bed reading a new novel he purchased earlier that day. He’s only wearing black boxer briefs and his glasses; the usual getup right before they crawl under the covers and fall asleep for the night. Dean walks in a few minutes later with a towel shaking and drying out the water in his hair from the shower. He smells like a spring morning with a slight minty aroma which makes Cas smile because that means he used his shampoo again. Dean lays the towel down over the chair in the corner of their room and pads over to their bed, right behind Cas. Cas focuses on reading while Dean admires Castiel’s lean and tanned back from long hours of working the land around the batcave.

"It’s hypocritical of you to get mad at me when I stare when you get to do it all the time without a single complaint," Cas says softly as he turns the page of his book.

Dean moves to straddle the back of Cas’s thighs and leans down over Cas’s back so he’s a few inches away from his ear. “That’s because you like all the attention I give you.”

"That is true," Castiel agrees and Dean backs away to kiss at Cas’s shoulders, neck, and back. He lightly drags his teeth against his warm skin and nuzzles his into his neck; the movement draws out a small chuckle. Dean runs a hand through Castiel’s hair, forcing him to stop his reading for a moment, and focus on Dean. Castiel sighs contently and lays his head down on his hands. These are the moments Castiel cherishes the most. Dean is showing how much he loves Cas with his actions and the way he carefully places kisses across his skin. Dean moves up Castiel’s neck and places the final kisses on his cheek and lips. A small smile quirks at the corner of Castiel’s mouth and Dean knows that this would be the perfect moment to say it for the first time.
Dean pauses for a few seconds and silently panics, but he takes in a deep breath and lays down in top of Castiel’s back again. He kisses right behind his ear before he says, “I love you.”

Goosebumps pop up on Castiel’s skin as he hears Dean’s deep, rough voice tell him three simple words that mean so much. Words that mean everything to both Cas and Dean. Castiel’s small quirk to his lips turn to a real smile and Cas replies, “And I love you as well.”

Dean’s heart silently skips a beat despite him already knowing how Cas felt. They stay like that for a short while until Cas yawns quietly and Dean decides to get up and turn off the main light. Cas gets under the covers and Dean follows shortly. Once settled, Dean reaches over to turn off the bedside lamp and then wraps his arms around Cas. Dean smiles to himself and closes his eyes. Dean finds that he thoroughly enjoys sharing a bed with the man he loves and he prays that he gets to keep it this way for a long time. He prays that just this once he gets to keep Cas.

And this one time… He does.

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