Can I just have Cas in their new home? Cas finally relaxing and taking off his shoes and trenchcoat and tie? Reading books hunched over on the couch with his legs crossed and eyes squinting because Jimmy has shit vision. Dean walking into the library to tell Sam that dinner is ready, but he stops because his breath is taken away by Cas just acting NORMAL. 

Cas making Dean breakfast when he wakes up or comes home from hunts. Cas just being there whenever Dean comes home. Dean eventually calling it their home and he designates a room for Cas, but he never sleeps there because he doesn’t have to sleep. 

Then one night Dean and Cas are in Dean’s room watching TV (which Dean wired up all by himself thank you very much) and Cas falls asleep on Dean’s shoulder and he just lets him stay in bed with him. They wake up with tangled limbs, morning breath, and bed head and Dean still leans in to kiss him for the first time. Cas ends up sleeping there with Dean instead of his own room. 

Cas gets clothes and he decorates the house to make it feel a bit homier to all of them. Then one day Castiel is reading next to a sleeping Dean and Castiel realizes that this is what it feels like to have a home and to really be loved by someone. Cas takes off his glasses (because Jimmy’s vision still is shit), closes the book, turns off the light, and gets under the covers to wrap his arms around Dean. With a kiss and whispered “I love you” into his neck, he falls asleep in his home with the Winchesters.

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